Weight Lifting Knee Wraps.Heavy Duty, Elasticated Knee Support for Squatting, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit (Black/Blue)

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de Urban Lifters
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The Urban Lifters competition grade Knee Wraps serve 3 vital purposes to lifters:
1. Performance Enhancement

2. Lifter Safety

3. Pain Management

Whether you are simply looking to add extra weight on to your squats, or you have a weak knee that needs some extra support these wraps will be perfect for you. How do they add to my safety?
Wrapping the knee joint will give extra support not only to the patella tendon, but also to the surrounding structures including the quadricpes tendons which are located on either side of the knee cap. This will provide excellent stability and support to the anterior side of the tendons. A study carried out by the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Chichester also confirmed that knee wraps are responsible for improving force production. This is achieved as the knee wraps force your form to be tweaked. It makes it less likely that the weight will be transferred to your toes, that your hips will shoot up or that you will end up performing a 'good morning' to the detriment of your back.
How do they help me to add weight to my Squat?
This is chiefly due to the unique 'Rebound' effect that is experienced when using high quality knee wraps. The above study confirmed test subjects wearing the wraps performed the eccentric part of the movement 45% faster than regular lifters, and also performed the concentric phase 20% faster. The result of this is instantly increased numbers on the bar. How much you add is then dependent on many factors including the individual, wrap length and how tightly you chose to wrap them.

The wraps will instantly allow the athlete to add weight to his / her squat and are a popular accessory for Power-Lifters, Weightlifters and regular gym goers. Squat Heavy, Squat Safe.
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  • Competition Grade Measurements
  • Fully Tested Safety features - stabilising the knee and surrounding structures under heavy loads.
  • Fully Tested Pain relief features - Holding all the vital structures in place whilst adding vital compression.
  • Fully Tested Performance enhancement features - Due to the unique 'Rebound' movement.
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