VR Cover Interface visage pour Oculus Rift avec mousse de remplacement - Kit confort

de VR Cover
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Oculus Rift Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Comfort Set

We reverse engineered the Oculus Rift facial interface creating our own design which enables you to attach a variety of different foam replacements to your headset.

The fabric foam included in this set is made from incredibly soft materials and feels awesome on your face. There are two sizes of foam included in the set (thick and thin) making it easy to find a fit that works for you regardless of your face shape.

The foam replacements are machine washable and are great at absorbing sweat, perfect if you like to work out or are active in VR.

The Oculus Rift Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Comfort Set contains the following items:
1 x Custom Facial Interface 2 x Fabric Foam Replacements (Thick & Thin)
  • ✅ Custom Facial Interface set for the Oculus Rift allows you to attach foam replacements
  • ✅ Foam replacements are super soft and feel great on your face
  • ✅ Foam is offered in two sizes making it easier to get the perfect fit
  • ✅ Fabric foam absorbs sweat, are machine washable and easy to attach & remove
  • ✅ VR Cover offers proven VR hygiene solutions used by thousands of VR enthusiasts since 2014
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