Victorinox Hunter XT Couteau multifonction à cran

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de Victorinox
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Victorinox Hunter XT One Handed KnifeDescription:Two blades - one sharper than the other - are incorporated into the solid grip. Both can be folded out single-handedly using an oval thumbhole, which is a huge advantage when working in forests and fields. It means users can get the HUNTER ready without having to look down or use both hands.The HUNTER is available in two versions: A slim standard model HUNTER XS that comes with both one-hand opening blades and - with a view to relaxing after a hard day's work - a corkscrew. And a bigger version HUNTER XT that is also equipped with a powerful wood saw for even greater functionality.The HUNTER is the new leader of the pack - a cutting-edge hunting knife that sets new standards!Features:Large lock blade for one hand opening Wood saw Gutting blade Corkscrew Nylon cord Key ring inoxSpecifications:
  • Couteau multifonction à cran
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