Premier Housewares Porte-manteaux 10 crochets Chromé Multicolore

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Dandy Kersey doormat is a great all round mat. This is known in the trade as a Karnatic mat with a blend of 92.5% coir and 7.5% jute, which means the mat is thinner than most but without affecting the absorbency and scraping benefits. The hand woven backing and construction enable it to retain its shape and prolong its life. Choose the size appropriate for your doorway. For best performance use in a sheltered area. Because the Dandy Kersey doormat is made of natural fibres you can simply compost it when you have finished with it. Coir is a natural coarse fibre that forms a shock absorbing mesh to protect the seeds of the coconut palm when they fall, as the palms can often be 25m high. Coir is located between the leathery skin and the coconut shell which in turn covers the seed and the delicious edible white flesh that we all know. Coir is reasonably waterproof and the only natural fibre resistant to damage by salt water. Coir has a variety of uses not only in doormats but also in brushes, mattresses, sacking, floor tiles, twine and even for erosion control on slopes and river banks.
About William Armes LimitedWilliam Armes is a family run company based in Sudbury, Suffolk. Established in 1830 we are the UK's leading manufacturer and distributor of domestic doormats, hospitality matting, rugs and runners.In 2007 the company moved to new purpose built state-of-the-art premises - building on our history by investing in the future.Over the years the company has built up an excellent reputation through knowledge, tradition and innovation.
  • 10 crochets
  • Structure chromée
  • Boules multicolores
  • Design moderne et coloré
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