Playshoes - Maillot De Bain - Bébé Garçon - Bleu (900 Original ) - FR: 24 mois (Taille fabricant : 2 years)

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This maritime swim set has light-weight material which is quick-dry and rash preventative. The swimset has a UV protection for standard 801, which is the highest protection against solar radiation. This bathing suit can be used in salt, chlorine and fresh water. Be sure to check out the matching hat and shoes!Playshoes has a large colorful assortment of UV protective clothing. You can dress your child in one style from head to toe: hat, shirt, shorts and shoes!Playshoes follows the EU guidelines: All Playshoes products are produced under strict EU standards. The products do not exceed the limit value with regard to chemical substances. In addition, the products have been inspected by the independent Prüfinstitut Hohenstein Institute and approved against harmful substances and UV protection
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