19 mm One-Piece Breastshield w/ Valve, Membrane for Medela Breast Pumps (Pump in Style, Lactina, Symphony); Repalcement of Medela PersonalFit Breastshield (Small) & Personal Fit Connector; Made by Maymom

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de Maymom
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It is well known that using the correct breastshield size is important for your pumping comfort and optimal milk supply. It is also known that one-piece design offers easy to clean, fewer pieces to keep, and no seams to lose suction power. Medela does not offer 19 mm breastshield. Maymom is the first company world-wide to offer 19, 21, 25, 26, 27, 29 and 30 mm internal diameter one-piece design breastshields to fit Medela users' personal pumping needs. The valve/membrane in this set are interchangeable with your existing Medela parts. Maymom has more than 5 years experience in making breast pump parts. 100% compatibility is guaranteed or your money back! Disclaimer: Medela is a registered trademark of Medela, Switzerland. Maymom is not affiliated with Medela nor does Medela endorse the product.
  • 2x One-Piece Breastshield (19 mm internal diameter, the smallest one you can find) , 2 Valves, 4 Membranes; Compatible with all Medela pumps except FreeStyle and Harmony.
  • US FDA registered medical device (No. D192499); Complies with US FDA and EU standards for containers that contact food and class II medical device; Test reports are online for your reference;
  • Retail poly-bag packed; sealed by the manufacturer.
  • Made of Bisphenol-A (BPA)/DEHP-free material and all components are steam safe for sterilization.
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