NYX Eye Shadow Base Skin Tone

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Everyone has a beauty that is uniquely their own, based on their inate nature and the life they lead. Sensai respects this individuality, and is ready to help you enhance your unique beauty. Known as a second skin due to its smooth texture and minimal permeability, silk is the worlds most precious fibre. Amongst all silks, the most prized is a rare variety that is native to Japan, Koishimaru Silk, which is referred to as precious treasure. Sensai discovered a special power hidden within this unique fibre. Combining Koishimaru silks precious secret with the most advanced skincare technologies, Sensai was created to help your skin discover its utmost beauty, catering to each individual?s skincare needs Sensai welcomes you to a life of infinite beauty.Inspired by the aesthetic ideals of Japan?s ancient imperial court, Sensai colours ?treatment make- up? features layers of translucent hues that evoke the wisdom and allure of women across the ages. Our ultra gentle, layered formulations ensure a silky touch & exceptional colour fidelity to bring out your individual beauty flawlessly. Saho teaches that anyone can achieve flawless make up by following a simple rule- veil and colour, Applying a veil of moisture followed by make up will help keep your skin protected & beautiful through the long hours of the day, encouraging a healthy natural radiance.
  • Fard à paupières base en blanc
  • Occasion par professionnel maquillage artistes
  • Aloe vera
  • Vitamine E
  • spf
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