Nerf - B1538EU40 - Elite Modulus - Jeu de Tir

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Contenu: Modulus, 10 Dart Nerf Banana Clip, Scope, Shoulder Stock, Barrel Extension, Foregrip, 10 Elite Darts So this is it - the peak of dartblaster customization. Remember when the Recon first came out and we were amazed by the amount of possible modifications to its form and function? That was nothing compared to the Modulus! The stuff included with this purchase (a shoulder stock, a foregrip, a scope, a barrel extension and a 10 dart banana clip) allows you to use 30 different configurations. The expansion kits (Modulus Stealth Kit, Range Kit, Ammo Kit and Mission Kit) crank that number up to over 1000! If you ever wanted a blaster you could customize for any situation - this is it! The blaster itself handles like a Stryfe - it is a clip system compatible flywheelblaster capable of semi-automatic firing. You just have to use your middle finger to rev up the flywheels prior to raining foam on your enemies. It features a very comfortable carry handle (that makes aiming easier for adults and teenagers) and is - of course - compatible with N-Strike barrel extensions and shoulder stocks. 5 Tactical Rails allow you to attach a large number of equipment - even more with the additional Tac Rails on the barrel extension. Attention! Only suitable for children over 8 years. Do not aim at eyes or face. Do not use other projectiles except those of the manufacturer. Not suitable for children under 3 years as small parts may be swallowed. Danger of suffocation!
  • Poids : 762 g
  • Chargeur 10 fléchettes
  • Crosse ajustable et amovible
  • Canon à double rail amovible
  • Lunette de visée amovible
  • Poignée de maintien amovible
  • Champ de tir : 27 mètres
  • Fonctionne avec quatre piles AA (non incluses)
  • Âge minimum : 8 ans
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