Naty by Nature Babycare - 50 Sacs à Couches Ecologiques Jetables - 100% Biodégradable - Lot de 3

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de Naty by Nature BabyCare
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Nature Babycare Eco Disposal Bags are excellent for the disposal of eco friendly disposable nappies, doggy clean-up and other small waste disposals. They are a must for any family concerned about the health and sustainability of the planet. The bags themselves are 100 per cent biodegradable and based on natural materials. The packaging they come in is recyclable and 100 per cent chlorine-free.Nature Women Babycare Nappy Bags come from the Swedish company Naty founded by Marlene Sandberg, a champion of environmental causes. Naty, a small entrepreneurial company provides environmentally aware consumers with ecological options in personal care and baby care products.
  • Les Sacs à couches jetables ECO Nature Babycare sont parfaits pour mettre à la poubelle les couches jetables écologiques après usage.
  • Ils sont à base d'amidon de maïs non génétiquement modifié et sont 100% biodégradables
  • Ils ne contiennent ni plastique, ni parfum.
  • Emballage 100% sans chlore et recyclable
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Marque Naty by Nature BabyCare
ASIN B004550A4C
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