Minvita - Organic Sprouted Gaba Rice - Black - 500g

de Minvita
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Minvita is a company dedicated to researching and sourcing 100% natural, healthy food and body products from around the world.  Their dedicated and passionate team takes great pride in the work that they do and they believe that by choosing Minvita products, theircustomers will get the very best that nature has to offer. Why resort to artificially manufactured products when a natural, organic alternative is available. At Minvita, they take great care to ensure that any products that carry the Minvita logo are harvested in a sustainable manner to ensure no impact on the local environment. Organic Sprouted Black GABA Rice is made from top quality wholegrain homnin rice which is naturally germinated before milling. The germination process encourages production of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids in the rice kernel in preparation for growth. 
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