Q-bitz Solo: Magenta Edition by MindWare

de MindWare
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VISUAL DEXTERITY CUBED: Q-bitz will challenge your visual agility, memory, pattern identifications and hand eye coordination. Recreate the displayed shape in the allotted time frame, or suffer defeat. Are you fast enough?;VARYING LEVELS OF CHALLENGE: Through the course of 3 lightning-fast rounds varying with 3 levels of difficulty, you will be required to use your full arsenal of brain power. Be it quick processing, a sharp memory, or just a lucky break, you'll need everything at your disposal to complete each round.;GAMES THAT TEACH: Q-bitz is playable from early ages up, allowing young children and older individuals alike to develop and hone their spacial recognition and organizational skills. Win and learn simultaneously!;INDIVIDUAL OR ADD-ON SET: Q-bitz is a fantastic game for individuals and groups alike. Either play by yourself in a tense race against time or add this to a set you already have and try to land the best time in groups as large as 6 when all additional options are purchased.;INCLUDES: Package includes 20 new Q-bitz cards (not found in original set), 1 wooden tray, and 16 challenge cubes. Please note: Product includes small pieces. Not for children under 3 years old.
  • Q-bitz Solo: Magenta Edition
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