Mattel – La Reine des Neiges – MagiClip – Elsa – 1 Mini Poupée + 1 Robe Clippable

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Anna and Elsa are sisters living in the enchanted Kingdom of Arendelle Each has her own unique personality and style though their elaborate wardrobes are reflective of their icy kingdom s trends Each small doll sold separately wears a glittery signature fashion with tiara and comes with an additional coloured gown inspired by the movie both in easy to dress MagiClip form Simply squeeze an outfit to put it on or take it off With a second fashion girls can have twice the fun and adventure Anna s sister Elsa appears elegant in her shimmery blue and white gown with snowflake details on a molded overcoat A second look in green and pink with a bigger pattern also delights
  • Magic Clip fashions for Frozen characters
  • 2 outfits included
  • Collect them all.
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