Mascara Noir 95% Bio Hydratant avec des Extraits Organiques de Son de Riz et Grains de Café (USDA certified organic)

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de Dizao Organics (Made in the USA)
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95% Organic Mascara provides all-natural care for your eyelashes, strengthens and moisturizes them without causing the irritation of eyes and periorbital skin. Dizao mascara has a definite lengthening and volumising effect. Coffee beans, being one of the main ingredients used in this formula, contain fruit acids, fats, minerals, iron, magnesium and potassium, which are known to contribute to the eyelash growth. Combined with shellac, coffee beans give mascara its deep black color. Rice bran extract helps restore weakened and damaged eyelashes, strengthens and nourishes them from the root to the tip. Organic carnauba wax makes the eyelashes texture silky, lifts and curls them. The wand design makes mascara application easy and prevents clumps. Dizao Organic Mascara does not leak and is easy to remove. According to the results of Dizao Organics product research carried out by LLC Salt Research (Italy, 2013), 100% of respondents were satisfied with Dizao mascara after use and found that it didn't inferior to mascara from the most renowned brands. 100% of women who participated in the survey confirmed that it didn't cause lumps, delivered a sense of comfort, gave the ideal natural volume, healthy shine & imparted natural texture to the eyelashes. 100% found it to be a long-wear product with nice texture. 97% of respondents found that Dizao mascara was easy to apply, nourished and replenished the eyelashes, while creating a protective barrier and making you feel attractive. 90% noticed that it strengthened the eyelashes. Ce mascara organique. Vérifiez la composition avant utilisation.
  • The best mascara for 2015! Made with 100% natural and 95% organic ingredients. No artificial colours, preservatives, or fragrances. Perfect for sensitive eyes and skin!
  • Enriched with lash nourishing and conditioning ingredients that stimulate lash growth.
  • Our long-lasting mascara will not flake, clump, or smudge. Easy to apply and easy to remove. Gentle enough for sensitive eyes.
  • Look great naturally! Our high quality formula will accentuate your natural eyelashes by volumizing and lengthening for a beautiful, full look.
  • Highly efficient due to exceptionally powerful antioxidants. 100% natural (chemical-free). Made in the USA
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