Manicare Ciseaux à ongles incurvés pour ongles durs

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The Manicare Nail Scissors are exceptional quality. They are made from the finest quality Japanese Stainless Steel which has been carefully selected for its non rusting properties. The fact that they are non rusting means that they can be stored in the bathroom and still retain their finish and quality. These Manicare Extra Strong Curved Nail Scissors offer exceptional quality and precision cutting and trimming of the fingernails. They have heat treated blades which adds strength to the scissor. They are extra strong and are designed to cut those tough, hard fingernails which are difficult to trim with normal scissors.. The scissors have larger than normal finger holes, making them ideal for men to use. They come complete with their own pouch for safe storage and to keep them clean, ready for the next use. You must always trim nails using scissors specifically designed for fingernails. If you do not, you will damage the nail thus allowing water (from washing up, bathing, showering etc) to enter the nails, causing discolouration, weakness and possible infection. Never use fingernail scissors to trim toenails due to cross contamination and for hygiene purpose..Keep scissors out of reach of children. Always store in the pouch provided for extra safety precautions. All Manicare products come with an unconditional guarantee, meaning that if you are satisfied with the quality of your product, please return to GEH - Manicare with your comments for a replacements.
  • Coupe de précision
  • Forme facilitant la prise en main
  • Conçus pour couper les ongles durs
  • Acier inoxydable japonais d'excellente qualité
  • Vendus avec une pochette de rangement
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