L´Oréal Paris Color Riche Quad S Ombre à Paupières E1 Beige Trench 2,5 ml

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de L'Oréal Paris
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Color riche les ombres eye shadow offers a uniquely rich choice of colors in irresistibly attractive packages. Black and gold come together for high-fashion cases-the ultimate in chic-that you'll want to take with you everywhere. Intensified Colors: Thanks to the expertise of L'Oréal paris laboratories, raw materials (pigments, mixed pearlescents, binder, transluscent fillers) were skillfully selected and combined to offer a full colour result obviously more intense and more bright. A sensorial texture: Color riche eye shadows reveal a creamy and smooth texture which transforms the make-up gesture into a precise and comfortable sensory application. A High Tech Applicator: In order to offer the precision of a true make-up artist's work, the Color Riche Shadows applicator features a precision double-tip. On the one hand, the traditional foam applicator to spread in solid the color, on the other hand, an angled brush for an integrated liner effect. For Exalted Eyes Intense, luminous colors A delicate, creamy texture Precise application.
  • Color Riche Quad s - Ombre à paupières de la marque L'Oréal Paris
  • Color Riche Quad s - Ombre à paupières pour Femme
  • Un produit exclusif de la marque L'Oréal Paris
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