LED Lenser 9405 Lampe Torche P5.2 11,3 x 2,5 cm

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LED Lenser P5.2 Professional Pocket TorchThe LED Lenser P5.2 is a small, slim line LED hand torch which deserves five stars for stylish design, outstanding performance and superb technology.With a durable aircraft grade aluminium body, matt black easy-grip finish that is also more abrasion resistant, distinctive contrasting red trim and one-hand sliding Speed FocusTM, this is a torch that feels as good as it looks.Inside the torch a quality energy efficient CREE LED generates 140 lumens of bright white light that can blast out up to 120 metres, a top-flight performance for any torch but even more amazing from one weighing just 79 grams including its single AA battery.The light output is of a superior standard to most rivals because of the patented Advanced Focus System, which embraces a specially-calibrated reflector lens to establish a more homogenous illuminated field of view and better overall light distribution whether set for a near distance flood beam or intense spot beam for longer distance illumination.Superior gold-plated battery contacts resist corrosion and keep the battery running well. At 113 mm in length the P5.2 is so small that it will easily fit into a pocket or bag, making this an ideal item for night work, walking and camping trips.Technical DetailsType: Professional hand-held torch
Luminous Flux: 140 lumens
Beam Range: 120 m
Run Time: 5 hours (down to 1 lumen)
Focus: One handed speed focus
Optics: Advanced Focus System: Spot to flood
Batteries Required: 1 x AA alkaline (included)
Overall Length: 113 mm
Head Diameter: 26 mm
Barrel Diameter: 18.5 mm
Weight: 79 grams
Colours Available: Matt Black
Body Material: Aircraft grade aluminium
Electrical Contacts: Gold plated contacts
Switch Type: End cap switch
  • Technologie Led
  • Advance Focus System
  • Flux lumineux : 140 Lumens
  • Portée du faisceau : 120 Mètres
  • Autonomie : 5 Heures
  • 1 jeu de piles (1xAA)
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