ST John Ambulance Kit de premier secours

de St John Ambulance
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Ensure you comply with the new British standardSt John Ambulance proudly presents our new kits that conform to the new British standard BS-8599-1 to suit your working environment.Why kits are changing?For the past 14 years 1, 10, 20, 50 person kits have been the workplace standard based on BHTA (British Healthcare Trade Association) guidelines from 1997. As work environments have changed and new first aid products have been developed, the BHTA and the BSI (British Standards Institute) have announced a new standard of workplace first aid kits. The BHTA will withdraw the previous standard from 31 December 2011.What?s different in my new kit?Previous workplace kits did not account for many workplace injuries which may occur such as burns or resuscitation. Depending what size first aid kit you need, your kit will include: Tuff-kut scissors - tough enough to cut clothing with ease Burn dressings Sterile cleansing wipesFace shields Heat retaining blankets And many more essential items.First aid is essential to all businesses so who better to trust than the nation's leading first aid organisation and trainer of choice for hundreds of thousands of businesses, local authorities and schools. We understand your need for quality and affordable equipment and our BSI workplace kits meet the highest quality standards and provide outstanding value for money.
  • St John Ambulance Standard Workplace Compliant Kit Large
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