ILS - 5 pièces DFPlayer Mini Lecteur MP3 Module Pour Arduino

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DC: 3.3-5v
2 colors, Red and black, we dispatch randomly.

DFPlayer Mini is a compact and inexpensive MP3 module can be directly connected to the speaker. Module with battery power, speaker, keypad can be used alone, or through the serial port control, as the Arduino UNO or any microcontroller with a serial port module. The module itself perfectly integrated hardware decode MP3, WAV, WMA&#
s. While the software supports TF card driver to support FAT16, FAT32 file system. Can be done through simple serial commands specified music player, as well as how to play music and other functions, without the cumbersome underlying operating, easy to use, stable and reliable.

Technical Specifications:

1, supports sampling rates (KHz): 8 / 11.025 / 12/16 / 22.05 / 24/32 / 44.1 / 48
2,24-bit DAC output, support dynamic range:
dB, SNR support: 85dB
3 fully supports FAT16, FAT32 file system, maximum support 32G TF card, support U disk to 32G, 64M bytes NORFLASH
4, a variety of control modes are available. IO control, serial port, AD button control mode
5, radio spots language function, you can pause the background music being played. Advertising finished playing background sound continues to play back
6, the audio data is sorted by folder, supports up to 100 folders, folders can be assigned to every 255 Tracks
7,30 level adjustable volume, six adjustable EQ


1, car navigation voice broadcast
2, road transport inspectors, toll stations voice prompts
3, train, bus safety inspection voice prompts
4, electricity, communications, financial operating room voice prompts
5 vehicles into and out of the channel to verify the voice prompts
6. ** frontier channel voice prompts
7, multi-channel voice alarm or voice guidance equipment operation
8, electric sightseeing bus safety with voice announcement
9, electrical and mechanical equipment failure alar
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