Hillfarm - Rapeseed Oil - 750ml

de Hillfarm
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Grown and cold-pressed on their family farm in Suffolk, Hillfarm Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is possibly the healthiest and most versatile cooking oil you can buy, and one you can trust to help make your family's meals healthier.  Hillfairs is a family run business and they farm outside Halesworth in the surrounding Suffolk countryside with rapeseed as one of the main crops grown. Believing that the true value of the crop was not being achieved and also keen to diversify Hillfairs became interested in the idea of cold pressing the rapeseed into a premium cooking oil.

So it is from this intitial idea that Hillfarm Oils was created. Hillfarm Oils was created in March 2004, and launched at the Suffolk County Show food hall in the May. They are the original producers of Cold Pressed  Extra Virgin Culinary Rapeseed Oil here in Great Britain.
Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil
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