Garnier Pure Skin Gel Nettoyant - 200 ml

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de Garnier
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USAGE OF GUTTO SNAIL CREAMUse before sleep, cleaning the area with water. Apply on the cleaned area in small amount and keep smearing until the skin absorbs the cream completely. Avoid overusing the cream. And wash the applied area in the morning. Avoid sun shine after usage .Recommended as night cream.FACIAL: Effective against acne, pimples, wrinkles and black spots.CRACKED SKIN: apply twice a day on the cracked marks to have effective resultsBURNED SKIN AND WOUND SCARS: It can be applied both on the new or old scars. It can only be applied on the wholly healed wounds. It can not be applied directly on the fresh wounds.AFTER SUNBATHING: As a result of its strong content prevents the formation of black spots resulting from sunshine at the same while helping the decrease of redness, burn and irritation formed on skin due to sun.SECRET OF GUTTO SNAIL CREAMAllantoin: Helps restoring the skinCollegen: Helps tightening the skinElastin: Helps regaining the elasticity to the skinGlycolic acid(%1.6): Helps getting rid of the dead skin cellsVitamins: Helps reviving the skin with natural healthy glow
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