Full Metal Hammershot Modification Kit

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de Blasterparts
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Already an all-time classic: The Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot The Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot still resides in the top ranks of the Nerf popularity list. The option to operate a mechanical blaster with one hand by using a revolver cock was a milestone and absolute novelty for Dartblasters. Nonetheless something was missing for the ultimate John Wayne experience. The Blasterparts Full Metal Hammershot Kit: For that little bit of extra style Of course, we have spared neither trouble nor expense to free the great hammershot of this deficiency and have developed the 'Full Metal Hammershot Modification Kit'. In addition to the tuning spring already known and popular, this kit consists of a priming cock and a trigger of solid metal. Apart from the fact that the Blaster feels much better in the hand thanks to the greater weight now, the Full Metal Kit upgrades the Hammershot to a noble and more realistic revolver look. Faster shooting thanks to our Full Metal Hammershot Kit The shape of the priming lever allows an additonal operation next to the common one-handed operation: The two-handed rapid firing operation, known as 'Fanning'. Those who want to shoot like the heroes (or villains) from Western movies, the Full Metal Hammershot Kit is the perfect addition! Important Note: Blasterparts modification products are no toys. Not suitable for children! The installation of the mod kit causes a significant increase in performance. When playing with other people appropriate eye-protection-goggles should be worn as a precaution. Do not aim at face or eyes of other people.
  • MORE POWER - Thanks to the stronger spring the blasters firing distance is greatly improved!
  • REAL METAL - Not only is the he metal hammer and metal trigger much more rigid than plastic, they look awesome and enhance your blaster visually.
  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE - The modification kit comes in two variations. The classic "Full Metal" version is light and shiny while the "Gunmetal" variant is mat and dark giving the blaster some kind of used look.
  • COWBOY-STYLE SHOOTING - The shape of the metal hammer allows the so called "fanning". A shooting technique we know from western movies where the trigger is held down while the other hand operates the hammer rapidly.
  • ONE-HANDED SHOOTING - The wing of the metal hammer makes the one-handed operation of the blaster much easier, especially when you have the upgrade spring installed.
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