CHUSE M264 Paste Eyebrow Pigment for Microblading Permanent makeup Micro Pigment Cosmetic Color Brown Coffee, Passed DermaTest

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Used for eyebrow, Brown, suitable for young people, love a coffee color eyebrow light, natural population.
Adopted organic biological pigments, Natural-looking and rich colors, Excellent for multiple procedures and skin tones.
Powder has been successfully prepared by new grinding technology, faster coloring effect, Using aseptic packaging environment,more safety and health.
EXP: 3 Years, Store In A Cool, Dry Area. Keep From Freezing, Shake well and patch test before using.
This Product Is Non-toxic, Few Individuals May Have Allergic Reactions From This Product, Please Patch Test Required Before Using, We Disclaim Any Responsibilities For Allergic Reactions Of Individuals To Whom This Product Is Applied.
  • Passed Allemagne demar test SGS
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