Exclusive Handmade Original Gold Ombre Tapestry By "RaaJsee",Boho Bohemian Tapestry Wall Hanging Tapestry,Dorm Decor Tapestry,Hippie Bedspread Tapestry 140*220cms (WHITE GOLD)

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This unique handmade tapestry is high quality piece of home decor. A perfect piece to add a touch of class to your interior.. Beautiful throw/wall hanging tapestry hand made in India. The sheet measures 140*220cm (the size of a single bed sheet). As these throws are hand made some designs may vary from the images shown. This reflects their hand made qualities and is in no way to be considered a defect. Brighten up any space with this beautiful wall hanging. Perfect for walls, beds, sofas, and much much more...
  • 100% cotton, made in india
  • Hand crafted in India using traditional methods.
  • multicolor Tapestry With Cotton Material & Size Approximately 140 * 220 cms
  • Usage: Almost any for Home Decor Purpose like- Tapestry, Wall Hanging, Bedspread, Wall Decor, Wall Art, Bed Cover, Room Divider, Curtain, Table Cloth, College Dorm, Picnic blanket and Beach throw
  • Intricate Design Mandala Art with Elephant available with raajsee
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