ENCHANTIMALS - FCG78 - Coffret - Univers Soirée Pyjama

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The Sleepover Night Owls storytelling pack inspired by the world of Enchantimals is positively enchanting a six inch Ohana Owl Doll two owl friends and accessories create a friendly forest scene The sleepover set pieces are colourful and have fun details to inspire storytelling The owl s bed is shaped like a nest with a pink cushion design inside and branch details outside an open storybook inspires creativity and three milk bottles and a plate of cookies are perfect for the trio of friends Enchantimals Ohana Owl Doll is ready for sleepover fun wearing a colourful cloud print on her removable skirt yellow slippers and furry stole An eye mask is perfect for sweet dreams and dreamy touches include long blue hair and owl inspired facial features Her two owl friends one medium and one small are adorable with furry hair One has a nightcap and the other a sleep mask Who ll stay up the latest Kids will love recreating the wonder of nature and celebrating a world where Caring Is Our Everything
  • Produit de la marque ENCHANTIMALS
  • Amuse toi a la soirée pyjama avec Ohana Hibou, Coffret qui inclut 1 poupée exclusive (15cm) + petit animal + 1 animal de taille moyenne + accessoires
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