ECO-WORTHY 100MM 12V Linear Motor Actuator Heavy Duty 330lbs Solar Tracker Multi-function for Electroic ,Medical,auto Use

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Package include
1 piece 12V Linear actuator with Stroke length you choose
2 pcs mounting bracket
Product Description
Voltage: 12V | Size: 100MM
Starting Current (No-Load) 0.8A
Minimum Current: 0.8A
Maximum Current: 3A
Max. Load :Push 1500N, Pull 1200N
Duty Cycle :15% (stop for 17minutes after continuously working 3 minutes)
Limit Switch: Built in, Factory Preset
Operation Temperature: -25℃-65℃
Protection : Class IP54
Rear Connector : No Rotation
Color : Silver
1. Electric booth lifting rod
2. Electric sofa
3.The medical electric bed
4. Tripod of camera
5. The wedding system
6. Industrial electric lifting system
7. Electric lifting lever
1. Reliable performance
2. Stable running
3. The same characteristics of push and pull
4. Good environment adaptability
5. No-load current
  • Heavy duty 12V linear actuator with stroke length you choose
  • The linear actuator is widely used in number of industries, such as electric power, machinery, metallurgy, mine, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, lifting, construction, food and feed processing and so on.
  • With reliable performance, sensitive action stable running, the same characteristics of push and pull and good environment adapt- ability etc
  • ECO-WORTHY products in store in UK and Germany Warehouse
  • With 1 year warranty£¬100% shipping insurance
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