Colico Lampe Liseuse Livre

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Discover the secret to a perfect Night of Reading
No More straining your eyes - Can't Get Enough Light ? Clips Right Toronto your Book for Stability. Arrière du Distributed Lighting for maximum enjoyment. Your Eyes Will Thank You For It.
Housse ordinateur Portable Mark. - Don't lose your Page Again. Just Slide it dans after Reading. Whether It's a Hardback, paperback or any size portable.
Flexible and adjustable - The Super Flexible design allows you to Adjust The Reading Light to any Angle. Get The Right amount of Light each and every time.
Ultra portable, léger, you can Barely Feel The difference. Just pop it in your Pocket or Bag Wherever you go. You'll Never Know When It Could Come In téléphone mobile.
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  • The Perfect Book Light for Reading in bed - This ultra bright LED Reading Light helps prevent you straining your eyes or disturbing others. Now you can read as long as your heart desires.
  • Lightweight doubles as a book Mark - at under 50 g, it Weighs The Equivalent to a tablespoon of Sugar. This awesome Book Light is so ultra portable you can Take It With You Everywhere. You'll Never Loose your Page Again.
  • Best Brightness, flexible Coiler : easily Adjust The Lamp to Best Suits your activities
  • USB rechargeable : éclair pour ranger Recharged by Just plug into the Power Bank Plug without extra USB Cable
  • 100% 90 de Day Money Back Guarantee - When You Order from Gifts for book Lovers, Buy with Confidence because We Guarantee This High Quality Premium product is the best on the Market.
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