ByAlegory Acrylique Lip Gloss Maquillage Organisateur 28 Espaces | Conçu pour se tenir debout et poser à plat

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Made From A Single Mold With No Glued Pieces, This Premium Acrylic Lip Gloss Organizer Comes With 28 Individual Spaces For Storing Lip Glosses. This Lip Gloss Organizer Is Design To Self Level Lip Glosses With Its Honeycomb Design & Is Designed To Stand, Lay Flat And Are Stackable (Sideways).

SIZE: 4.76L x 3.3W x 10.8H Inches - Inner Cube Size 1.023 x 1.023 Inches (28 Slots)

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PRODUCT BACKGROUND: Inspired By Professional Makeup Artists, You Will Notice The Difference In All BYALEGORY Products When Compared To The Industry Standard. From Design, To Durability, To Functionality, You Will Instantly Notice A Difference In The Feel Of Its Weight, The Look Of Its Color And Realize The Lasting Durability From The Moment You Pick It Up. Imagine Owning A High Quality And Durable Makeup Organizer That You Will Be Instantly Satisfied With And Every Day After. Our Products Are Tailored To Match A Wide Range Of Decor; Whether It Be In Your Personal Bathroom, A Vanity Area Or Your Shop, Our Premium Quality Acrylic Organizers Are Made To Visually Stimulate And Highlight Your Beauty Products.

Our Makeup And Beauty Product Organizers Make A Great Gift Idea For Friends & Family. And Don't Forget To Hashtag Your New #BYALEGORY Photos & Follow Us On IG, FB & Twitter To Be Featured.

PLEASE NOTE: Beauty Makeup Products Inside Acrylic Storage Container Shown Are NOT Included And Are For Demonstration Purposes Only. BYALEGORY is a registered trademark.
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  • Fabriqué à partir d'un moule unique avec l'acrylique cristallin de la plus haute qualité
  • CONCEPTION: ce produit est conçu pour supporter ou poser un appartement
  • ORGANISER 28 brillant à lèvres individuel
  • VOIR AUSSI Pour les détails des produits importants et par les promotions spéciales d'avocat
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