Abbey Road and Beyond [Box] [Import allemand]

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The Beatles - Abbey Road And Beyond

Greatest Hits And Lost Sessions 1962-1966

This six disc anthology features the very best of The Beatles in the studio, on the road and on the airwaves from 1962-'66. It is the perfect illustration of how The Beatles evolved as writers and performers and created a musical phenomenon which has never been equalled.

Disc 1 - The Lost Decca Tapes
The Beatles' audition for Decca Records in1962 is the most notorious recording session in the history of popular music. Features an exclusive interview with Pete Best, which provides unique insight into the Decca sessions and the events which led to his sacking.

Disc 2 - The Lost Abbey Road Tapes 1962-'64
The best of the alternative takes of the Beatles songs which were recorded during the legendary Abbey Road Sessions. Your chance to hear history in the making.

Disc 3 - The Lost BBC Tapes And Much More
During 1963-'64 the impact of radio & TV broadcasts around the globe fuelled the global Beatlemania phenomenon. These rare recordings feature a string of hits performed during live broadcasts in the UK & Sweden.

Disc 4 - New York, Miami And Philadelphia: The First And Second US Tours
Featuring performances from 1964 broadcasts on the Ed Sullivan and Miami. Also featuring the previously unreleased concert recording from the Philadelphia Convention Hall during the Beatles second visit to the USA.

Disc 5 - Blackpool And Paris: The Legendary Broadcasts
The 2 live to air performances from Blackpool in1964-'65 have long been the holy-grail for Beatles fans. Also featuring the re-mastered recording of the Show from the Paris Palais Des Sports in 1965.

Disc 6 - Australia And Japan
Features two shows by the Beatles as they continued their quest to take Beatlemania to fans around the globe.

Please see images for detailed track listing.
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