Woboren Femmes Auto-adhésif Silicone Invisible Bra Seamless autocollantes push-up Bras soutien-gorge Beige C

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Manufacture best push-up for extra buoyancy and support polyester Lightweight, comfortable and breathable, with plenty of air holes in an appropriate distribution for nipple cover
Reusable, adjustable, skin-friendly silicone adhesive. Silicone bras are softer, more comfortable and breathable than nylon bras.

Hand wash with mild soap and water.

Cup A: 70A (32A) 70B (32B) 75A (34A) 80A (36A)
Cup B: 70C (32C) 75B (34B) 80B (36B) 85A (38A)
Cup C: 85B (38B) 75C (34C) 80C (36C) 70D (32D)
Cup D: 85C (38C) 75D (34D) 80D (36D) 85D (38D)
  • New Brand,A,B,C,D cup available
  • The Push Up Bra features skin-friendly adhesive in cups to always stay in place, providing a securely fit all-day long - also can be reused multi times.
  • Silicone
  • Reusable and Easy to Apply. Attach directly to the skin, great to use with strapless,backless,sleeveless and low-cut outfits and dresses
  • Do not recommend for hot temperatures, because sweat may make it slip down
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