Waboba Pro Ball (Colors May Vary) by Waboba

de Waboba
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Enjoy hours of swimming pool fun with the Waboba Pro Ball, the patented ball that really bounces on water. This amazing ball is filled with a buoyant proprietary gel that makes it float, bounces and skips on water. The Waboba Pro is great for games and tricks in the pool. The Waboba Pro's size and weight help increase accuracy: you can control the bounce as you try to outsmart the other players. If you throw it at a low angle, as though you're skipping a stone, the Waboba Pro will bounce across the water. If you throw it at a higher angle, it bounces like a tennis ball. The harder you throw, the farther the Pro will go. Don't worry if you miss a catch, either. The Waboba Pro Ball also floats! Intended for swimming pool use only and not for hard surfaces. Waboba Pro Ball is not a pet toy, and is not suitable for children under 3. Waboba began as ''the ball that bounces on water.'' Waboba balls now bounce on every continent. Our goal is to connect people through fun, because when you're having fun with others, your differences disappear.
  • Colors May Vary
  • Not suitable for pets
  • For ages 3 and up
  • Throw it as though you are skipping a rock and you'll be amazed as the Waboba Pro bounces on the water
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Marque Waboba
ASIN B0044784I0
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