Venum Elite Gants de boxe Blanc 16 oz

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de Venum
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For us, be part of the elite is not given as a matter of course. That should be the result of hard work, merit and personality!

So our "Elite" boxing gloves was fully handmade in Thailand, with a 100% Skintex leather conception, in order to bring you the highest fighting experience at the best price. We used triple density foam for an unbelievable balanced shock distribution: fight after fight, you will be able to increase your striking level while minimizing the stressful sensation at the impact areas.

Their strategic mesh panels combined with their ergonomic shape will bring you the ultimate comfort during your training and fight. Add to these reinforced seams and you obtain an unbelievable durability: be sure that our boxing gloves will never bring you down.

Training hard, long and well: that is the daily basis of an elite fighter! 

Technical features:
- Premium Skintex leather construction.
- Specific mesh panel placed under the fist for a great thermal regulation.
- Triple Density foam.
- Reinforced palm for a maximum absorption.
- 100% full attached thumb for a better injury prevention.
- Strengthened seams for a long-lasting quality.
- Large Velcro enclosure with elastic.
- Long cuffs improving wrist protection.
- Embossed Venum Logo (3D touch) on each boxing cuff.
- Handmade in Thailand.
  • Mousse triple densité
  • Paume renforcée pour une absorption maximale
  • Pouce attaché pour une meilleure protection contre les blessures
  • Coutures renforcées
  • Large fermeture par Velcro pour un ajustement et un maintien précis
  • Manchette longue pour une protection et une stabilité accrue du poignet
  • Logo 3D embuasse
  • Fait main en Thaïlande
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