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de Eeperor Who
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Warm Tip:
1. The slim design might give you the thought that it's a slim case, but it really feels great on the phone.
2. Use together with screen protector(not included), a back case can not offer much protection to the screen against drops.
3. If the case separated into 2 pieces without broken, put them back together and it can be used again.
4. Premium TPU provides shock absorption and scratch resistance from minor drops and daily damage
  • Specially designed case that is 2-piece has combination of TPU GOLDEN edge frame and durable hard plastic back
  • Ultra thin lightweight design adds no bulk to the phone, slim but durable and protective
  • Easy to install and remove, best gift choice for your friends and family
  • Feel free to contact with customer service if there's any problems
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Marque Eeperor Who
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