Surligneur Pilot Frixion Light Set de 6 couleurs pastel 1.5 lb Soft Color

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We proudly present the Pilot FriXion Light Erasable Highlighter - 6 Color Set. These amazing FriXion Light highlighters are erasable! While highlighting textbooks and notes, sometimes you might accidentally highlight the wrong word, or you might over-highlight a chapter and want to un-highlight certain sections. If you're using the FriXion Light highlighters, that's no problem, because you can erase your highlighting! Simply use the rubber eraser tip at the top of the highlighter. The ink disappears cleanly, and there are no eraser shavings. The highlighters are eco-friendly too, made of 87% recycled materials. This set contains 6 colors: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. FriXion ink is a thermo sensitive ink that can be erased by rubbing. Interestingly, erased ink reappears at temperatures below 14 F (-10 C). A freezer is cold enough to make this happen. Due to the thermo sensitive nature of FriXion ink, we advise against using it for mailings, or leaving the written materials in hot cars or in environments that expose them to a lot of Frixion.
  • Color : Soft Pink, Soft Orange, Soft Yellow, Soft Green, Soft Blue, Soft Violet
  • The highlighters have a special rubber end to rub the thermo sensitive ink away
  • You can write off any number of times.
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