Sterling 202HB Boîte cachette imitation boîte de conserve Heinz Baked Beanz

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The Sterling Locks SafeCan Food Can is an ideal place to hide money, jewellery & valuables. Just simply remove the base to reveal a secret compartment. These are genuine replica licensed cans making them ideal for hiding in kitchen cupboards. Recongised by Police, Neighbourhood Watch groups and insurance companies as an excellent deterrent against theft. Company Profile - Sterling Locks is a UK company that manufactures a wide range of security and hardware products for the UK and international markets. Sterlings products meet the most exacting quality standards and the brand is recognised for excellent customer service and value. The company has a heritage of more than 20 years and has built its reputation on forging close business relationships with its customers. Sterling Locks has grown rapidly by helping its customers build their own businesses through a comprehensive package of first class product, technical support and marketing assistance. Our Customers - Sterling has a wide appeal and demand comes from wholesale, distribution and retail channels. As well as benefiting from the strength of the Sterling brand, a number of influential trade and retail customers trust Sterling to manufacture under their own security brand. In addition to being a key supplier to some of the largest trade and retail chains in the UK, Sterling offers the same hallmark service to thousands of independent resellers. Quality and Guarantee - Our products are manufactured to exacting specifications and undergo a rigorous quality inspection procedure in the Far East and again in the UK where our Quality Assurance team carries out a final check on technical specifications and functionality. Sterling products are equal to the best in the market and are backed with guarantees up to 10 years.
  • Retirez simplement la base pour révéler un compartiment secret.
  • Idéal pour cacher dans les armoires de cuisine.
  • Réplique authentique sous licence officielle des boîtes de conserve Heinz.
  • Reconnue par la police, les groupes de surveillance du voisinage et les compagnies d'assurance comme un excellent élément dissuasif contre le vol.
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