Softspikes Pulsar Crampon de golf

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SoftSpikes Pulsar SpikesThe Softspikes Pulsar revolutionized the golf cleat market thanks to its proprietary Reactive Comfort Technology™. Through this technology, Pulsar delivers maximum comfort and performance via a 16 component design that reacts to every angle of force exerted by the golfer.As part of this design, flexor knuckles placed at the flex point on each of Pulsar’s eight legs offers enhanced strength, responsiveness and more than twice the flexibility of any cleat on the market. In addition, the reinforced arched webbing between each of Pulsar’s legs delivers instant energy return every time the cleat is compressed - resulting in a cleat that offers unmatched stability and comfort. Fast Twist(16 Pack)PrideSports’ patented Fast-Twist Insert System, the lightest weight cleat changing system in golf, was designed to make cleat changing quick and easy. A simple quarter turn of a cleat wrench deadlocks cleats into place with a double click, while a reverse quarter turn unlocks the cleats for quick changing. A patented “positive stop” lets golfers know when the cleat is fully installed. Today, the Fast-Twist Insert System is the #1 System of choice by Golf Footwear Manufacturers, and is now worn by over 75% of the players on the PGA TOUR. In fact, 8 out of the top 10 leading golf shoe companies utilize this revolutionary golf cleat insert system as original equipment, including market leader FootJoy, as well as adidas, Bite, Bridgestone, Callaway, Etonic and Oakley.Q-Fit (18 Pack)The Q-Fit Insert System is an alternative to the traditional threaded system for locking cleats into place. The Q-Fit Insert System is quick and easy requiring only a quarter turn to fasten the cleat to the shoe. Cleats with this insert system can also be easily removed with a reverse quarter turn. The Q-Fit is easily distinguished because of its non-traditional triangle base.Metal Thread (22 Pack)The Small Metal Insert System is a traditional thre
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