SKYPIX Mini Scanner de Poche Haute Resolution Portable sans fil 900 DPI, Format fichier:JPEG/PDF

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Product Notes:

Lower DPI is useful for scanning text, black and white pictures
Higher DPI is great for scanning color pictures
Built-in display will show selected resolution, remaining battery life, and memory status
Cordless, handheld scanner - take it with you everywhere
For maximum quality scans, make sure the document/book is on a flat surface


Image sensor: A4 Colour Contact Image Sensor)
White Balance: Auto
Scan Rang: A4(216mm)
Maximum Scanning Speed: Colour High resolution: 13 Seconds; Colour Low resolution: 3.0 Seconds; Mono High resolution: 6.0 Seconds; Mono Low resolution: 2.0 Seconds
LCD: Scanning status display
Auto Power Off: 3 Minutes
Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries(not included)
Interface: USB Port


You can download your images to your computer using the included USB cable
Its built-in display shows the selected resolution, remaining battery life, and memory status
The portable handheld scanner can support microSD cards as large as 32GB
This is a truly portable handheld scanner, ideal for use when visiting clients, customers etc when a power supply is unavailable or
Rather than sheet feeding pages, which is fine for unattached sheets, the portable USB scanner is moved over the area and its sensitive
colour image sensor scans at high (900dpi) or standard (300dpi) resolution, and then saves the captured images as JPEG files on the
microSD card
The SkyPix TSN410 Primier portable handheld scanner, unlike most other portable handheld scanner, is cordless and captures important
documents, letters, photos etc directly to a supplied microSD card

Package includes:

1 x Scanner
1 x Cloth Bag
1 x USB Cable
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x CD
1 x User Manual
  • - Affichage LCD
  • - Format fichier : JPEG / PDF
  • - Scanner portable couleur - 900 dpi /600 dpi /300 dpi - USB
  • - Ce scanner portable vous permet de scanner des pages de format A4.
  • - Livraison depuis la France sous un jour ouvrable. Livraison tout gratuite.
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