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A great alternative to nails, screws, magnets, drawing pins and adhesive putty. Scotch Permanent Foam Mounting Squares are the easiest and quickest way to mount objects to a variety of indoor surfaces, providing immediate, secure and long-lasting adhesion. They are thin, neat and discreet, sitting flat between the object and the underlying surface to give a clean, professional look. Quick and easy to use, you?ll find a multitude of uses for these handy little adhesive squares! They are a strong, viable alternative to nails or screws when securing two surfaces together. Use them in the office or workplace to put up signs; at home for mounting pictures or canvases on the wall; or on a desk or workbench to securely adhere tools in place. You could even use them for school and craft projects, scrapbooking and card making ? the adhesive holds strongly despite repeated handling and can be easily cut to size. Scotch Permanent Mounting Squares adhere well to a variety of flat and lightly textured surfaces including wood, tile, metal, concrete and painted walls. Not recommended for use on wallpaper or delicate surfaces. The pack contains 96 squares, measuring 12.7mm x 12.7mm. Please note that the adhesive is permanent and may cause damage if removed. If you must remove a mounted object, use a piece of dental floss or wire, held taut between two hands. Pull back and forth to split the adhesive square and release the object. These instructions are detailed on the back of the pack.Scotch is a trademark of 3M Company.
  • Prédécoupé, Pastilles adhésives double face pour coller et se conformer à une variété de surfaces
  • Idéal pour monter des objets light-to-medium Poids pour surfaces horizontales et verticales
  • Utilisation sur la plupart des types de murs, carreaux de céramique et les surfaces en bois
  • Adhésif permanent
  • 8 carrés jusqu'à 225 g
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Marque Scotch
ASIN B00347A876
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