Rok Sangles pour moto/ATV réglable Sangle stretch

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As easy as attach, buckle, and tighten, the Motorcycle/ATV Adjustable Strap is rated to carry 100 pounds (200 pounds burst strength) 1 inch wide, adjusts from 18 to 60 inches long;Two-piece strap consisting of a webbing element with loop attachments and an elastic element joined by quick-release buckle;The elastic section provides tension; the webbing section adjusts for size, ensuring you have exactly the right length with exactly the right tension;Each section is attached independently around a luggage rack, frame tube, foot peg carrier, the luggage is placed between the attachment points, the two parts of the strap are buckled together, and the strap is tightened;Designed specifically for motorcycle and ATV use, they are safer than a bungee cord, with the looped end attachments to keep your ride scratch free
  • ROK Straps ROK-10025 Black 18 - 60 Motorcycle/ATV Adjustable Stretch Strap
  • Black
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