Royal Canin Dog Educ Dry Mix 50 g (Pack of 30)

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Mikado are ultra-thin, crunchy biscuit sticks dipped in delicious chocolate with one end left bare so that you don?t get sticky fingers. To create this delicious snack we were inspired by the game of Mikado, also known as ?pick up sticks?, where a bunch of sticks are dropped into a pile and each player removes them one by one without disturbing any others.Mikado Milk Chocolate biscuits first hit UK shops in 2009 giving biscuit loving Brits perfect nibblesome treats stored in easily transportable snack packs which fit snugly into any handbag or pocket. You may also be aware of it from seeing our cheeky and slightly irreverent ?Photocopier? advert which you?ll have plenty more chances of seeing again during 2010.
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