PLAYMOBIL 6389 Pièce supplémentaire pour maison moderne

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EXTENSION FOR LUXURY MANSION - Add more lavishness to your Luxury Mansion with this extention!;HIGH-VALUE, QUALITY PLAY PRODUCTS - Figures can bend, sit, stand and turn their heads!;MAKES A GREAT ADDITION - This PLAYMOBIL Addition is perfect for existing sets, saving time, money, and headache while doubling the fun for children. It will make a thoughtful gift for any young PLAYMOBIL fan!;CREATIVE ROLE PLAY WITH PLAYMOBILÃ'® - PLAYMOBILÃ'®'s unique play principle stimulates imagination and creativity and thus promotes child development. With PLAYMOBILÃ'®, children can not only slip into many different roles, but also recreate and experience the world in miniature.;SPECIFICATIONS - This product is an addition to existing Playmobil sets. For this reason these items come in a clear plastic bag or a brown cardboard box instead of a colorful retail box. Please consider when gifting. Recommended for ages 4 and up.
  • PLAYMOBIL Extension for Luxury Mansion
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