Piles alcalines 9 V Varta High Energy 6LR61 2 pc(s)

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de Varta
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Varta?s range of alkaline High Energy batteries is suitable for all your high to moderate drain devices, giving you reliable and long lasting energy. They are perfect for MP3 players, cameras, toys or any household device. Our range of High Energy batteries provides the right power for your high tech devices and offers great value.Made in Malaysia, you can trust the performance of all of our products to give you the energy you need and provide excellent value. Our unique pack makes taking out the battery easier than ever and keeps the batteries safe and secure. Varta is one of Europe?s leading manufacturers of portable batteries and lighting. Delivering flexibility and independence, Varta is committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to support its customers? on-the-go lifestyles. We have a full range of alkaline batteries, rechargables, torches and chargers to provide you with the right power at home or on the move. Electrical devices are becoming more and more demanding and it?s important to use a battery that is ready for the challenge of providing long lasting and reliable power to all of your devices. Our extensive research and development team work hard to ensure that Varta batteries are always at the forefront of battery technology.
  • 9 V
  • E-Block
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