PG Tips - 240 sachets de thé

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Since the 1930s, PG tips has been providing the Nation with its Favourite Cuppa. That’s a long time and a lot of tea, which is why they make sure all our tea is grown using sustainable farming methods. Their friendship with the Rainforest Alliance means that the people who pick their tea earn a better living and their families have access to a proper education and medical care. 

One of the things that makes them the Nation’s Favourite Cuppa is our innovative pyramid bags. Some even call them the eighth wonder of the world! They act like a mini teapot, giving the leaves more room to move, so more flavour gets in your cuppa. 
This ingenious pyramid bag is shaped to give the tea leaves room to move, freeing the delicious taste and giving you the perfect cuppa, every time.
  • Stocker dans un endroit frais et sec.
  • Plus d'un pays
  • Unilever Foods UK, Unilever House, Leatherhead, Surrey, kt22 7 gr.
  • Boîte
  • Emballage - recyclable
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