Nikwax 300170000 Cire pour cuir résistante à l'eau 100 ml

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de Nikwax
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Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather Footwear Waterproofing Neutral (100ml)Features:This is a small, compact 60ml tube of Nikwax Waterproofing Wax which is ideal for taking on trips with weight and space a consideration. The Wax is solvent and harmful VOC (volatile organic compound) free, WaterBased and suitable for all types of smooth leather. Unlike conventional wax it has a dual application method: either sponge on with the applicator provided, or rub in with a cloth or with fingers.This brilliant waterproofing wax not only keeps feet dry, but it can be used on either wet or dry leather and once applied, the items treated can be used immediately without waiting for the wax to dry. Its fast-acting, deeply penetrative ingredients add water repellency, reduce water absorption and maintain breathability. It also revives the appearance of leather, maintains its suppleness and even adds to or enhances the shine.Specifications:Keeps you dry, warm and comfortableSolvent and harmful VOC-free (volatile organic compound) formulation - safe for you and the environmentWorks immediately after treatment - no need to wait for gear to dryWill not over-soften leather WaterBased formulation can be used on wet or dry leather Prolongs the life of leather Supplied with a convenient application sponge or can be rubbed in using fingers
  • Plastique ED
  • Cire pour cuir sans solvant à base d'eau efficace sur cuir sec comme humide
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