Multi Tool True Utililty Fixr

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de True Utility
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True Utility Fixr 20 in 1 MultitoolWith an amazing 20 tools in 1, this completely new and Revolutionary Multitool is engineered in black coated 420 grade stainless steel with gold titanium coated stainless steel tool disc. The FIXR is flat, light, strong, and infinitely useful.

Clips to anything and is always ready for use, with the most useful array of tools possible within such a small space. The rotating tool plate serves to protect and keep all the tools safe when the FIXR is not in use, or simply twists with a push of your thumb on its sprung bearings to click definitively into set positions to use the Phillips Driver bits, Nail Cleaner, Eyeglass Screwdriver, razor sharp Cutter and Wire Stripper. It is also includes File, Measure, Box Opener, Pry Bar, and 5 Spanner sizes.1. quick release clip
2. bottle opener
3. razor sharp cutting blade
4. large flat screwdriver
5. medium flat screwdriver
6. small flat eyeglass screwdriver
7. medium phillips screwdriver
8. small phillips screwdriver
9. 14mm spanner/wrench
10. 12mm spanner/wrench
11. 10mm spanner/wrench
12. 8mm spanner/wrench
13. 6mm spanner/wrench
14. bicycle spoke wrench
15. measuring ruler
16. wire stripper
17. nail cleaner
18. box opener
19. pry bar 20. file
  • 6,5 cm x 0,5 cm x 3,5 cm
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