Monin Sirop Saveur Rhum 70 cl

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de Monin
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In 1912, a 19-year-old entrepreneur named Georges Monin started out selling branded wine and spirits with a horse-drawn cart with the slogan, "A passion for quality". The company he founded has since been driven by this motto. Quality remains a keystone in the entire production process. The finest ingredients are sourced from around the world to assure authentic taste and aroma. Plus, state-of-the-art technology is used to develop new products and applications. Always ahead of its time, Monin has created a reputation as the creative beverage.   Developed to offer a non-alcoholic version of rum-based drinks, Monin Caribbean bottles a taste of the favourite tipple of pirates, buccaneers and British Royal Navy sailors, who still have a tot of rum presented on special occasions. The nose of Caribbean rum aged in oak barrels and the sweet rum taste with notes of fruit of Monin Caribbean syrup will create ‘rumbustious’ coffees, non-alcoholic cocktails and dessert drinks
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  • France
  • Sirop
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