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Minimonkey Porte-bébé (Rouge)

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de Mini Monkey
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The Minimonkey baby sling is a multi-purpose carrier that can be used as a front carrier, on the hip and as a hammock in the playpen. The baby can be carried in the sling in the banana position from birth. Once baby's back is stronger, the kangaroo position can be used. In this position baby sits facing forward in the sling with feet forward and up high. Baby's head leans against the sling strap. Once the toddler's back is strong enough you can use the hipster position. In this position the clasp sits on the chest so that the sling will sit just above your hip. The toddler sits in the sling with legs coming out on either side of the wearer's hip. (Demo & tips can be found on our website www.minimonkey.com) The baby sling can also be used as a hammock in the playpen from birth till 3 months. Gently rocking the hammock to-and-fro will put baby to sleep. Also helpful for babies with colic. The sling can also be used in larger playpens - in this case it should be hung diagonally in a corner.
  • Entièrement testé
  • Max 15 kg
  • 100% coton
  • Taille unique
  • Lavage en machine 40 °
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