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Marvel Pinball Epic Collection Vol. 1From the pinball wizards at Zen Studios comes Marvel Pinball Epic Collection Vol. 1, a thrilling collection that bundles together ten classic Marvel pinball tables based on some of the greatest heroes and storylines in the Marvel universe!Swing through the streets of New York City with Spider-Man, shrink to gigantically tiny proportions in the Ant-Man table, become the Daywalker to combat the nefarious vampire forces in Blade, and choose your side in an epic showdown in the Civil War table, and many more! Each table has been lovingly crafted by the Zen team to feature fantastic details pulled from the original comics.Combining Marvel's beloved cadre of Super Heroes with Zen's peerless pinball physics and mastery, Marvel Pinball is an epic combination that no fan of pinball or Marvel Comics will want to miss!
  • Realistic pinball simulation featuring table designs based on immensely popular Marvel super heroes, with Zen's peerless pinball physics and mastery
  • 10 classic marvel tables including
  • Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Blade, The Marvel's The Avengers, Worlds War Hulk, Marvel's Ant Man and more
  • Players use mechanical flippers to keep the ball in play
  • Includes tournament options and time-limited competitions on specific tables
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