Magnet Expert® 2 éducatif Alnico bar aimant, Nord et Sud identifié, 11 x 6 x 75mm, 1 pack

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de Magnet Expert®
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These fabulous Peppa Pig Wall Stickers provide an affordable, reliable and foolproof solution to children's room decoration. A room can be refreshed and decorated in minutes without skill or additional materials. Be creative with these wall stickers, have fun choosing where to place each sticker, then sit back and enjoy your new room decorations. The wall stickers can be applied to walls, doors, furniture or any other smooth and clean surface. When it?s time for a change the wall stickers can be easily removed or repositioned without leaving marks behind.At Fine Decor we pride ourselves on being able to offer the largest selection of children's wall decor ranges in the most up to date characters. Under the Fun4Walls brand name, our goal is to offer product ranges that will instantly and easily transform a child's bedroom into a magical world full of fun and fantasy. Our products are easy to apply and when it's time for a change, they're easily removable.
  • Chaque pack contient deux aimants
  • Nord et pôle sud est clairement des approbations
  • 11 x 6 x 75 mm
  • 2 Alnico éducatif Bar aimant - Nord & Sud identifiés (11 x 6 x 75 mm) (1 paquet)
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