I Love... Mango & Papaya Super Soft Hand Lotion 75ml

de I Love Cosmetics
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Product DescriptionKeep hands soft & supple with our I love... Hand Lotion. All our hand lotions include coconut oil & shea butter to help leave your skin feeling gorgeously nourished & fabulously smooth! Directions for use: Squeeze me onto your hands & massage me until your hands feel silky soft. Coconut Oil & Shea Butter help your skin to feel gloriously nourished & silky soft, while my gorgeous perfume leaves your skin beautifully fragranced! Brand: I Love Cosmetics Brand Story:I Love is a bath, body and beauty brand that lovingly creates the most gorgeous, deliciously scented products in the World. All our products are bursting full of ideas, inspiration and happiness. They are fun and sensuous and all encapsulate the most memorable, delicious and delectable scents that magically transport the user to a different place, evoking powerful memories and injecting a little piece of happiness into our customers lives.
  • Entire range available!
  • Smells delicious, feels delicious.
  • Helps leave your skin feeling gorgeously nourished & fabulously smooth.
  • Soap Free, Paraben Free and pH Balanced.
  • Made in the UK
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