Kair 4 inch / 100mm Round Ducting Connector - Pipe Connector Joint - SYS-100 - DUCEK28 by Kair

de Kair
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White Plastic Straight Ducting Connector - Male Spigot - Outer Diameter 98mm - Male Spigot will fit inside Kair 100mm Round Pipe (Part: DUCVKC250) or 102mm Flexible Hose (Part: DUCP0092/102/35) and can be used to join multiple lengths of pipe together to form a long duct run.;Easy to install and durable, just push-fit duct and fittings together. Will join any Female part of the Kair System 100 range. Also fits other ranges. Built to last out of high-quality white Polystyrene/Polypropylene plastic Material. Max / Min Temperature: +60c / -15c.;Kair plastic ducting is lightweight, durable and suitable for commercial and domestic use. It is perfectly suited for ducting your Tumble Dryer, Bathroom or Kitchen extractor fan, Hydroponics, In-Line Extract Fans, or Cooker Hood. It can be used as a part of a long ductwork run for a variety of purposes including whole house ventilation, passive stack vent, positive input, air conditioning, HVAC, and Heat Recovery Systems.;Round rigid ducting provides superior airflow performance vs. comparative size rectangular or flexible duct. Suitable to use in compliance with Part F Building Regulations.;Genuine Kair product & covered by the Kair 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your peace of mind. Search Kair SYS-100 Ducting for the full range of compatible 100mm Round and 110mm x 54mm Rectangular fittings, outlets, and grilles. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask fellow purchasers via the Customer Questions & Answers system below.
  • Kair 4 inch / 100mm Round Ducting Connector - Pipe Connector Joint - SYS-100 - DUCEK28
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